Sapient Sensors has developed a patented, game-changing, hand-held analytical device that can provide immediate, cost-effective, measurement of specific target molecules at the point of use.  It may be operated by unskilled personnel in both qualitative and quantitative modes and can measure multiple target molecules simultaneously.

Sapient Sensor’s technology is unique in using a proprietary internal reference module that essentially cancels out artefacts arising from non-specific binding, a major source of inaccuracy.

Sapient Sensors devices find application in Animal and Human Healthcare, Food and Drugs testing, Homeland Security and Defence.


Sapient Sensors Limited intends to be the world’s pre-eminent and profitable provider of technology for rapidly deployable analytical devices, capable of measuring multiple targets at the point of use and operable by unskilled persons in any geographic location.

Customer / Partner Benefits

Sapient Sensors’ technology:

  • Enables customer business expansion or reduced inventory holding, allowing measurements of key analytes in real time at the point of production for positive release.
  • Enables real time analyses in remote locations e.g. at sea or in an ambulance.
  • Enables early analysis to facilitate more rapid response to results and more accurate control of processes.
  • Allows changes in analyte levels to be tracked in real time.
  • Reduces logistics and laboratory costs and the time to send samples to a laboratory and receive results.
  • Removes the need for highly qualified personnel to be on scene to take samples and make analyses.
  • Reduces the need for capital for expensive laboratory equipment and the cost of its maintenance.